Navigation & Hydrography school is conducting Basic Hydrography Officer’s Course. This course has been designed to include basic concepts of hydrography and practical comprehension of various surveying tasks to enable them to become effective part of the survey teams.


Navigation & Hydrography School is playing an important role in developing and maintaining the human expertise to support hydrographic obligations of the country. To conduct Cat B hydrography course, the faculty of School is augmented by qualified instructors from Survey Vessels i.e PNS BEHR MASAH, BEHR PAIMA, PN Hydrographic Department and other schools under the umbrella of School of Naval Operations (SNOPs). Practical survey training is carried out in two phases i.e. On Job Trainings (OJTs) onboard Survey Vessels and planned practical survey exercises at different locations. Moreover, visits of various hydrography related departments and other relevant organizations are also arranged to augment the knowledge of trainees. Up till now the school has successfully conducted 05 x IHO Accredited CAT B Courses.


Following Short Training Modules have been designed to fulfill capability/ capacity gaps in order to cope with various obligations, continuous advancement in the field of Hydrography and associated domains:

  • 02 x Weeks Multibeam and Side Scan Sonar training module to enhance expertise of individuals who have basic knowledge and expertise of field survey
  • 01 x Week Maritime Delimitation training module to enable mid-level hydrography officers to understand various aspects of delimitation as per UNCLOS both by mean of theory and practical
  • 06 xWeeks ENC Production training aiming to train GIS specialist into effective ENC producers
  • 03 x Weeks Basic Digital Mapping training for staff to prepare them for various digital mapping functions so that they become effective supporting member of ENC production team
  • 01 x Week Maritime Safety Information handling module to train both officers and senior staff of own and regional countries