NAVAREA is a geographical sea area, in which various nominated governments are responsible for the purpose of co-ordinating the transmission of radio navigational warnings. These warnings are broadcast messages containing urgent information relevant to safe navigation. For this purpose, International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) have jointly developed a World Wide Radio Navigational Warnings System (WWNWS) for safety of shipping. IMO resolution A.706 (17) adopted on 6 November 1991 (as amended) provides detail of the system.


As per WWNWS, world is divided into 21 NAVAREAs. The responsibility of coordination of NAVAREA-IX, which includes part of the North Arabian Sea, the Gulf and the Red Sea, was assigned to Pakistan in 1976. On behalf of Pakistan, National Hydrographic Office (NHO) performs the responsibility of coordinator NAVAREA-IX besides acting as national coordinator. All information relating to navigational safety is received at HQ NAVAREA IX/NHO at Karachi from 16 National Coordinators of Area IX and from other sources. This information is analyzed, processed and promulgated in the form of navigational warnings (NAVAREA IX and Coastal) to mariners at sea. Comprehensive Self Assessment Reports of 2020 , 2021 , 2022 on all the navigational warnings received / promulgated throughout the year are forwarded to WWNWS on annual basis.